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Culver City Boys, Culver City 13
Founding location Culver City, California, United States
Territory Santa Monica, El Monte, San Gabriel Valley and Culver City
Ethnicity Hispanic, mainly Mexican-American
Criminal activities Murder, drug trafficking, extortion, assault, auto theft, robbery
Allies Sureños, Venice 13, Santa Monica 13, Mexican Mafia
Rivals Venice Shoreline Crips, MS-13, 18th Street gang

Culver City Boys or Culver City 13 is a Mexican-American street gang from Culver City and has expanded to other cities such as Santa Monica, Venice and San Gabriel Valley

According to a Los Angeles City Beat article, by 2003, many Culver City Boyz left the housing projects due to strict rules that evict gang members and increased police presence.[1] The gang is still under a civil injunction enforced by the LAPD which restricts gang members' activity within a defined boundary surrounding the projects.[2]

Despite that Culver City Boys is a sureño gang, their colors are red, the colors the Norteños wear, but CCB shows no affiliation to either Norteños or Nuestra Familia.


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