Culver Crest, Culver City, California

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The Culver Crest is a neighborhood in Culver City, California. It is bordered on the south by the Beverlywood West condominiums, located at Sawtelle Boulevard and Overland Avenue, by West Los Angeles College on the north, by Overland Avenue on the west, and by the Holy Cross Cemetery and Baldwin Hills on the east/southeast. On the corner of Sawtelle and Overland there is a public elementary school named El Rincon. Blanco Park, which is attached to the school, is open to the public during non-school hours. On top of that, Culver Crest provides a premium offering of both restaurants and entertainment. With historic references including being featured in the movie “Gone with the Wind” in the northern region of the crest at the Tara Hill condominiums. The Crest is truly peaceful oasis in the busy hustle and bustle of LA and a great place to start a family. This area once rivaled Hollywood in its hay day and is now a secret treasure known to those who live there.

Street Names[edit]

Culver Crest immortalized a part of developer Lewis Crank's life, with streets named for his boat the Esterina, which had been named for his first wife Esther (Anthony Cornero's sister); Linda Way for his eldest daughter; Cranks Road, and Ranch Road as the property had been an avocado ranch among other things during Prohibition. Lugo Way was named for Charles Reyes Lugo, a descendant of early settlers, and police captain. Stephon Terrace was named for 1930s Councilman and Police Commissioner, Phillip Stephon. Tellefson Road was named for a city official, Mike Tellefson. Stubbs Lane, a private road, leads to former City Clerk Helene Stubbs' home. Youngworth Road was named for the early developer, whose home (and former home of Mr. Crank) is still on the Marycrest Manor property.


In the 1950s Baldwin Hills and Crank Annexation #1 become the Culver Crest. Mr. Crank later subdivided his property into lots.

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