Culverhay Castle

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Culverhay Castle
Englishcombe, Somerset
Culverhay Castle.jpg
Earthworks of Culverhay Castle
Culverhay Castle is located in Somerset
Culverhay Castle
Culverhay Castle
Coordinates51°21′59″N 2°24′18″W / 51.3663°N 2.4050°W / 51.3663; -2.4050Coordinates: 51°21′59″N 2°24′18″W / 51.3663°N 2.4050°W / 51.3663; -2.4050
Grid referencegrid reference ST719631

Culverhay Castle, also known as Englishcombe Castle, was a castle in the village of Englishcombe, Somerset, England.


Culverhay Castle was built in a ringwork design in the village of Englishcombe, Somerset.[1] The ringwork ditch and bank, up to 5 feet (1.5 m) deep, is to the east of the village church.[1] During the first half of the 13th century a stone circular keep and low curtain wall was built at the castle, along with one or two other stone buildings within the ringwork.[1] A medieval deer park may have been attached to the castle.[1]

Estimates of the date of the original building range from the late 11th century to the early 13th century.[2]

The castle site was excavated by archaeologist Nigel Pounds in 1938, and today is a scheduled monument.

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