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Cumberland Packing, Cumberland Street, Brooklyn

Cumberland Packing Corporation is a privately owned company located at 2 Cumberland Street, in Brooklyn, New York. Cumberland Packing was founded in 1945 by Benjamin Eisenstadt and is best known as the manufacturer, distributor and marketer of Sweet'N Low, the saccharin-based zero calorie sweetener sold in pink packets.

Cumberland Packing began as a tea bag factory prior to the invention of Sweet’N Low. Using modified tea bagging equipment, the company was the first to package sugar in packets, breaking tradition with less-sanitary sugar bowls that were common on restaurant tabletops at the time.

The company received Federal Trademark Registration Number 1,000,000 for the Sweet’N Low musical scale logo.[1][2] There have been over 500 billion Sweet’N Low packets produced.[3]

In the early 1970s, Ben Eisenstadt's son, Marvin Eisenstadt, launched the Sugar In The Raw brand. With great success, Cumberland has expanded its "In The Raw" line of natural products to include Stevia In The Raw, an zero calorie stevia-based sweetener, Agave In The Raw, a 100% organic agave nectar, and Monk Fruit In The Raw, an zero calorie sweetener made from the vine-ripened monk fruit. In 2014, the Company launched an eco-friendly baking alternative to refined white sugar with Sugar In The Raw Organic White.

In the late 1970s, Cumberland Packing Corp. bought the rights to concentrated dairy flavor formulas called Butter Buds, and added the Butter Buds Food Ingredients division, producing all natural, fat- and cholesterol-free butter-flavored granules. On January 1, 2013, Cumberland Packing Corp. completed an internal corporate reorganization, whereby the Butter Buds Food Ingredients Division became separately incorporated as Butter Buds, Inc. As a result of the reorganization, Cumberland Packing Corp. and Butter Buds, Inc. are now part of the Cumberland Worldwide Holdings, Inc. affiliated group.

Cumberland Packing produces other table top sweeteners, including NatraTaste, an aspartame-based zero calorie sweetener, NatraTaste Gold,[4] a sucralose-based zero calorie sweetener, and Sweet One, a zero calorie sweetener made with acesulfame potassium. In addition to sweetener products, Cumberland Packing produces a sodium-free salt substitute, known as Nu-Salt.[5]

Cumberland Packing employs 400 people and continues to manufacture table top sweeteners at the company’s original manufacturing facility, across from the Brooklyn Navy Yard.


  • Founder: Benjamin Eisenstadt (1906–1996)
  • Chairman: Marvin Eisenstadt
  • President and CEO: Steven Eisenstadt


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