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According to The Book of Mormon, Cumeni (/ˈk.mə.n/[1]) was one of four cities located generally southward of the city of Judea and other cities (Alma 56:22), and at a higher elevation than Zarahemla (Alma 56:25).

The Lamanites, led by their king Ammoron, a Zoramite by birth, took Cumeni and three other cities, Manti, Zeezrom, and Antiparah. (Alma 56:31). The Nephites kept spies about to make sure the Lamanites did not attack the cities to the north (Alma 56:22). But the Lamanites would not leave their fortifications, and they dared not attack the cities to the north, nor march down to Zarahemla, nor cross the head of Sidon over to Nephihah (Alma 56:24-25). After battles with Lamanites in other cities, the Nephites laid siege to Cumeni until the Lamanites surrendered the city (Alma 57:7-8, 12).


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