Cundo Bermúdez

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Secundino (Cundo) Bermúdez Delgado
Born September 3, 1914
Havana, Cuba
Died October 30, 2008 (age 94)
Miami, FL

Cundo Bermúdez (September 3, 1914 – October 30, 2008), born Secundino (Cundo) Bermúdez y Delgado, was a Cuban painter. Born in Havana, Cuba, he died of a heart attack in his Westchester home on October 30, 2008.

In 1926, Bermudez was admitted at the 'Institute of Havana', and in 1930 enrolled at the renowned Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes “San Alejandro”, where he studied painting for two years. In 1934, he entered the University of Havana to study law and social sciences. He graduated in 1941. Later, he travelled to Mexico and studied at the Academy of San Carlos. In 1949 he founded the Asociación de Pintores y Escultores de Cuba (APEC).

Individual Exhibitions[edit]

Collective Exhibitions[edit]

He was part of many collectives exhibitions such as:




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