Cunitz (crater)

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PIA00233- Venus - 3D Perspective View of Eistla Regio.jpg
Simulated view of Cunitz. Gula Mons is visible in the background.
Planet Venus
Coordinates 14°30′N 350°54′E / 14.5°N 350.9°E / 14.5; 350.9Coordinates: 14°30′N 350°54′E / 14.5°N 350.9°E / 14.5; 350.9
Diameter 48.6 km
Eponym Maria Cunitz

Cunitz is a crater on Venus at latitude 14.5, longitude 350.9 in western Eistla Regio. It is 48.6 km in diameter and was named for a 17th-century Silesian astronomer Maria Cunitz.