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Blood Duster Cunt.jpg
Studio album by Blood Duster
Released November 13, 2001
Recorded Toyland Recording Studio [1]
Genre Grindcore
Length 27:54
Label Relapse Records, Dr Jims
Producer Adam Calaitzis
Blood Duster chronology
Str8 Outta Northcote
Blood Duster

Cunt is the third full-length album by Australian grindcore band Blood Duster. Despite, or because of, its deliberately vulgar and anti-commercialist title, Cunt proved to be the band's most successful release to that point of their career, earning them high amounts of radio play, especially by Triple J, even though its title did make life difficult for the distributors and it didn't make it into many high street shops for the same reason.

The title was not the only point of controversy about this album. The original cover, an image of a decapitated Fred Durst,[1] drawn by Wes Benscoter, was dismissed by their label, Relapse Records, for fear of getting sued.[1] The Australian release was issued in a plain black cover with the word "cunt" centred and printed in a small font. The cover displayed on the right greatly resembles that of American band Ween's 1994 album Chocolate & Cheese.

Cunt also saw the release of the band's first single, "Pornstorestiffi" in the form of a nu metal parody video played on Channel [V], a channel on which the band was also interviewed.

Cunt was a slight return to a more death/grind style after their Southern rock-themed release Str8 Outta Northcote.[citation needed] The album also features a cover of the Impetigo song Dis-Organ-Ized, which originally featured on the tribute Wizards Of Gore, released on Razorback Records.

According to the liner notes, Cunt has 93 riffs and 2068 words, and a large amount of porn-themed audio samples from movies, mostly from Boogie Nights, Orgazmo and Australian film Idiot Box.

Because of the success of this album, Cole Clark Guitars decided to use Blood Duster to endorse their products, producing for them a guitar with the 'Cunt' logo across it.[2] Guitarist Belthrower still uses this guitar.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "We Are the Word Police" – 1:12
  2. "Big Fat Arse" – 1:28
  3. "Another Slack Arsed Aussie Band" – 1:20
  4. "Porn Store Stiffi" – 1:31
  5. "Pissing Content" – 1:00
  6. "I Just Finished Sucking Off Metalheads in the Men's Urinals" – 0:38
  7. "Hoochie Mumma" – 1:30
  8. "I Love It When Joe Pesci Swears" – 0:53
  9. "Stock Takin'" – 0:39
  10. "Lets All Fuck" – 0:17
  11. "A Track Suit Is Not Appropriate Metal Apparel" – 0:28
  12. "The Corpse Song" – 2:17
  13. "Fuck You Scene Boy" – 0:18
  14. "Is Killing Clones Illegal?" – 1:05
  15. "Don't Call Me Homeboy Ya' Cunt" – 1:12
  16. "Spefeven" – 0:49
  17. "The Object Is to Shift Some Units" – 0:58
  18. "Sweet Meat" – 5:10
  19. "Dis-Organ-Ized" (Impetigo cover) – 5:09


  • Jason "PC" Fuller – bass, vocals
  • Tony Forde – vocals
  • Matt "Lowpantz" Collins – guitar
  • Matt Rizzo – drums

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format Catalog
Australia 2001 Dr Jims Records CD DRJIM 27
Australia 2001-06-13 Drug Bust Records Vinyl 12414
North America, Europe 2001-11-13 Relapse CD RR 6486-2
Australia 2003 Shock CD 27
North America, Europe 2008-04-29 Relapse CD RR 7006-2
Japan 2008-06-18 Relapse Japan CD YSCY-1111
Australia 2008 Goat Sound Vinyl GS-BD-08-03


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