Cupid's Fireman

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Cupid's Fireman
Directed by William Wellman
Produced by William Fox
Written by Eugene B. Lewis
Based on story by Richard Harding Davis, Andy M'Gee's Chorus Girl
Starring Buck Jones
Cinematography Joseph H. August
Distributed by Fox Film Corporation
Release date
December 16, 1923
Running time
57 minutes
Country USA
Language Silent ..English

Cupid's Fireman is a 1923 American silent film directed by William A. Wellman and produced and distributed by Fox Film Corporation.[1]


  • Buck Jones - Andy McGee (*as Charles Jones)
  • Marian Nixon - Agnes Evans
  • Brooks Benedict - Bill Evans
  • Eileen O'Malley - Elizabeth Stevens
  • Lucy Beaumont - Mother
  • Al Fremont - Fire-Department Chief
  • Charles McHugh - Old Man Turner
  • Mary Warren - Molly Turner
  • Louis King - Veteran (*as L.H. King)


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