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Cupola, a diminutive of the Latin cupa (barrel) and thus meaning 'little barrel', is used for dome-shaped items. Of similar meaning the word cupula is used for anatomical references.

  • Cupola, a (usually dome-shaped) structure located on top of a larger roof or dome (for a roof lantern, belfry, etc.)
  • Cupola (geology), a type of igneous rock intrusion
  • Cupola (geometry), a geometric solid
  • Cupola (ISS module), an observation dome on the International Space Station
  • Cupola furnace, a variety of small blast furnace used for melting pig iron or scrap for foundry purposes
  • Reverberatory furnace for smelting some non-ferrous metals
  • Cupola, a song by Zeromancer
  • Cupola (military), a small protrusion positioned on top of a gun turret either mounted in a fortress or on the upper hull of a vehicle, utilized as either a secondary weapon mount or a means of external observation.
  • The observation area on top of a railway caboose
  • Name for the Sicilian Mafia Commission

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