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Curacoa may refer to:


Naval vessels[edit]

Four ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Curacoa:

  • HMS Curacoa, a 36-gun fifth-rate ship launched in 1809. She was reduced to 24 guns in 1831 and broken up in 1849
  • HMS Curacoa, a wood-screw frigate launched in 1854, she was flagship of the Australia Station during the New Zealand Land Wars and was broken up in 1869
  • HMS Curacoa, a screw corvette launched in 1878 and sold in 1904
  • HMS Curacoa, a C-class light cruiser launched in 1917 and accidentally sunk by the RMS Queen Mary in 1942


  • "Curacoa", archaic form of the word "curaçao", especially in reference to liquor

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