Curd snack

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Curd snack
Packed strawberry-flavoured Latvian curd snack "Kārums", and half of a kiwi flavoured curd snack
Type Snack
Main ingredients Curd and sugar, various glazes and fillings may be added
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Curd snack (Estonian: kohuke, Latvian: biezpiena sieriņš, Lithuanian: varškės sūrelis) is a type of sweet snack made from curd cheese (quark), popular in the former Soviet Union. Similar snacks are produced in some other parts of Europe and the Middle-East.

The main part of a curd snack is freshly pressed curd, and ingredients such as sugar, sweetener or other products. They can also have a filling made out of glucose, sugar, or thickener sometimes with preservatives.

Curd snacks are typically 5 centimetres (2.0 in) long, usually made from milled and pressed curd with raisins, jam or other filling. They also sometimes have no filling and are glazed with chocolate or vanilla-, kiwi- or woodland strawberry-flavoured cream.

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