Curlew Mountains

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Curlew Mountains
Curlew Mountains Leitrim.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 259 m (850 ft)
Prominence 197 m (646 ft)
Location County Roscommon, Republic of Ireland
Parent range Curlew Mountains

Situated between Boyle and Castlebaldwin, the Curlew Mountains (Irish: An Corrshliabh) are in northeastern Connacht.

The Battle of Curlew Pass, in which Irish forces numbering 800 men led by Red Hugh O'Donnell defeated an English army of 2000 was fought here on 15 August 1599.

Geologically, the Curlew Mountains are made of Devonian sandstone and conglomerate that is harder than the surrounding Carboniferous limestone, hence their appearance as an upland feature.

Coordinates: 54°01′0″N 8°18′0″W / 54.01667°N 8.30000°W / 54.01667; -8.30000