Curling at the 1924 Winter Olympics

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at the I Olympic Winter Games
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Dates 28−30 January
Gold medal 
Silver medal 
Bronze medal 

The curling event at the 1924 Winter Olympics was contested only by men. It is the first curling event in Olympic history.

In February 2006, a few days before the start of the 2006 Winter Olympics, the International Olympic Committee ruled that the curling medals were part of the official Olympic programme in 1924, and not a demonstration event as many authoritative sources had previously claimed (although the IOC itself had never done so). This official confirmation was the culmination of an investigative campaign begun by the Glasgow-based newspaper The Herald,[1] on behalf of the families of the eight Scots who won the first curling gold medals. The winning team was selected by the Royal Caledonian Curling Club, Perth, the mother club of curling.


Games Gold Silver Bronze
 Great Britain (GBR)
William K. Jackson
Robin Welsh
Thomas Murray
Laurence Jackson
T. S. Robertson-Aikman (captain) (alt.)
John McLeod (alt.)
William Brown (alt.)
D. G. Astley (alt.)
 Sweden (SWE)
Sweden I:
Johan Petter Åhlén (skip)
Carl Axel Pettersson
Karl Wahlberg
Sweden II:
Carl Wilhelm Petersén (skip)
Ture Ödlund
Victor Wetterström
Erik Severin
Carl August Kronlund (alt.)
C. W. Petersen (alt.)
 France (FRA)
Henri Cournollet
Pierre Canivet
Armand Bénédic
Georges André
H. Aldebert (alt.)
R. Planque (alt.)

Note: R. Cousin of Great Britain is listed in the Official Report as a "Non-Participant" and it is not known if he received a medal; however, Skip William Jackson of Great Britain is also listed in the Official Report as a "Non-Participant" and it is known that he did play and did receive a medal.

Round Robin Results[edit]

France, Great Britain and Sweden (2 teams) were the only countries to participate in the curling competition, although a full Swiss team is listed as attending as "a Non-Participating team".

All games were 18 ends in length.


Place Team Wins Losses Points
1 Great Britain 2 0 10
2 Sweden I 0 1 0
2 Sweden II 1 0 5
3 France 0 2 0

Draw 1[edit]

Monday, January 28, 1924; 10:00 AM

Team Final
Sweden II 19
France 10

Draw 2[edit]

Tuesday, January 29, 1924; 10:00 AM

Team Final
Great Britain 38
Sweden I 7

Draw 3[edit]

Wednesday, January 30, 1924; 10:00 AM

Team Final
Great Britain 46
France 4

Silver Medal Playoff[edit]

Team Final
Sweden II 18
France 10



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