Curling at the Winter Universiade

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Curling has been a part of the Winter Universiade since it was featured was optional sport in the 2003 Winter Universiade in Tarvisio. It became a compulsory sport as of the 2007 Winter Universiade in Turin.

Medal winners[edit]


Games Gold Silver Bronze
2003 Tarvisio  Canada (CAN)  Switzerland (SUI)  South Korea (KOR)
2007 Turin  United States (USA)  Great Britain (GBR)  Sweden (SWE)
2009 Harbin  Sweden (SWE)  Norway (NOR)  China (CHN)
2011 Erzurum  South Korea (KOR)  Switzerland (SUI)  Czech Republic (CZE)
2013 Trentino  Sweden (SWE)  Great Britain (GBR)  Canada (CAN)
2015 Granada  Norway (NOR)  Russia (RUS)  Great Britain (GBR)
2017 Almaty  Great Britain (GBR)  Sweden (SWE)  Norway (NOR)


Games Gold Silver Bronze
2003 Tarvisio  Russia (RUS)  Canada (CAN)  Norway (NOR)
2007 Turin  Canada (CAN)  Russia (RUS)  Japan (JPN)
2009 Harbin  China (CHN)  Canada (CAN)  Russia (RUS)
2011 Erzurum  Great Britain (GBR)  Russia (RUS)  South Korea (KOR)
2013 Trentino  Russia (RUS)  South Korea (KOR)  Switzerland (SUI)
2015 Granada  Russia (RUS)  Canada (CAN)  Switzerland (SUI)
2017 Almaty  Canada (CAN)  Russia (RUS)  Sweden (SWE)