Curraghs Wildlife Park

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Curraghs Wildlife Park
Location The Curraghs, Isle of Man
Coordinates 54°19′05″N 4°30′49″W / 54.3181°N 4.5135°W / 54.3181; -4.5135Coordinates: 54°19′05″N 4°30′49″W / 54.3181°N 4.5135°W / 54.3181; -4.5135
Land area 26 acres (11 ha)

Curraghs Wildlife Park is a wildlife park in The Curraghs (also known as the Ballaugh Curraghs), an area of wetland in the north-west of the Isle of Man.[1]

The park is owned by the Isle of Man Government and administered through the Manx Department of Tourism and Leisure.


The park was founded in 1963, through the Manx “Curraghs Acquisition Act”, the Isle of Man Government purchasing approximately 200 acres (81 ha) of land to be divided between 160 acres (65 ha) as a reserve and 40 acres (16 ha) as a wildlife park. The 26-acre (11 ha) park was formally opened by the Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man, Sir Ronald Garvey on 23 July 1965.[2] It consists of approximately 100 primarily wetland species from around the world in walk-through enclosures.[3]

15 acres (6.1 ha) of the park remains undeveloped to display a variety of habitats such as bogs, Molinia grasslands, open water peat diggings, birch woodland and hay meadows. Nature trails run through this area with signeage describing the ecology and history, comprising a nature trail, tree top trail and butterfly trail.

In 2005, as part of the Ballaugh Curraghs Wildlife Parks' 40 years anniversary celebrations, it was host to the annual meeting of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums. In 2009 the park received an award from Biaza at a ceremony held at Knowsley Hall, Merseyside, in recognition for the park’s work in education, winning the small collection award for "Best Education Project with schools".[4]

The Curragh is designated as a "wetland site of international importance" under the Convention for Wetlands of International Significance, known as the Ramsar Convention.

Education and facilities[edit]

There are educational facilities in the park, together with a children's farm (Close Beg) with domestic animals, play areas and The Orchid Line miniature railway.


Animals at Curraghs Wildlife Park include:[5]


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