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Shortland Street is a New Zealand soap opera that has been broadcast on TV2 since May 25, 1992. The show centers on the title hospital and its staff and their families. The following characters currently appear in the show. Characters whom have been portrayed by more than one actor, are listed, with the most recent actor at the top of the list.

Main characters[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Michael Galvin Dr. Chris Warner 1992–96, 2000—
Angela Bloomfield Chief Executive Officer Rachel McKenna 1993–99, 2001–03, 2007, 2009—
Pua Magasiva Nurse Vinnie Kruse 2003–06, 2011—
Benjamin Mitchell HOD of Emergency, Dr. TK Samuels 2006—
Sally Martin Director of Nursing Nicole Miller 2009—
Jennifer Ludlam Receptionist Leanne Miller 2010, 2011, 2014—
Jacqueline Nairn Nurse Wendy Cooper 2010—
Amelia Reid Personal Assistant, Bella Durville 2010—
Matthew Chamberlain Murray Cooper 2010—
Sam Bunkall HOD of Surgery, Dr. Boyd Rolleston 2012—
Kerry-Lee Dewing Nurse Kylie Brown 2012—
Lucy Elliott Dayna Jenkins 2013—
Ria Vandervis Dr. Harper Whitley 2013—
Grace Palmer Nurse Lucy Rickman 2014—

Recurring characters[edit]

Actor Character Relation Duration
Reid Walker Harry Warner Son of Chris Warner and the late Toni Warner 2002—
Henry Williams
Callum Campbell-Ross
Joshua Thompson
Tabitha Avery Jacqui Long time barmaid at the I.V. 2007—
Leila Eketone Tillie Potts Daughter of TK Samuels and the late Sarah Potts. 2011—
Nalani Rose Tuhae
Nathan Anderson
KJ Apa Kane Jenkins The Cooper family's foster son 2013—
Reuben Milner Jack Hannah Kane's best friend and captain of the Ferndale High rugby team 2014—
Duane Evans Jr. Michael Hampton-Rees Vinnie's son 2014—
Karima Madut Clementine Dean Receptionist at Shortland Street hospital 2014—
Bree Peters Dr. Pania Stevens The wife of TK's childhood friend. 2014—
Karlos Drinkwater Caleb Potene TK's childhood friend , Pania's husband 2014—
Joel Tobeck Jimmy Issac Kane Jenkins estranged father 2015—
Laura Thompson Dr. Victoria Anderton New surgeon at Shortland Street and friend of Boyd 2015—
Thomasin McKenzie Pixie Hannah Jack Hannah younger sister and new friend of Harry Warner's 2015—
Richard Osborne Alex Dean Clementine's adopted brother and new physiotherapist at the hospital 2015—
Jarod Rawiri Moutere 'Mo' Hannah Father to Jack and Pixie Hannah 2015—
Jayden Daniels Curtis Hannah eldest child of Mo Hannah , older brother of Jack and Pixie Hannah 2015—