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The Sri Lankan Naval fleet consists of above fifty combat, support ships and inshore patrol crafts.This is a list of the current Sri Lankan Navy ships as of 2008:

Photo Class Origin Type Quantity Ships Notes
Offshore Patrol Vessels
Sri Lanka Military 0058.jpg Sukanya Class  India Offshore Patrol Vessel (1) SLNS Sayura (P620)

Can be armed and upgraded to light frigate standard if needed.

USCGC Courageous WMEC-622.jpg Medium endurance cutter  USA Offshore Patrol Vessel (1) SLNS Samudura (P621)

Former USCGC Courageous (WMEC-622) transferred to Sri lanka in 2004

Sri Lanka Military 0057.jpg Vikram-class offshore patrol vessel  India Offshore Patrol Vessel (1) SLNS Sagara (P622)
Fast Missile Vessels
US Navy 100315-N-4774B-200 The Chilean navy Sa'ar 4-class fast-attack craft Angamos and Casma perform tactical maneuvering exercises in the Strait Of Magellan.jpg Sa'ar 4-class missile boat  Israel Missile boat (2) SLNS Nandimithra (P 701)

SLNS Suranimala (P 702)

Large Patrol Boats
Australian Customs Vessel ACV30 Botany Bay returns to Stokes Hill Wharf (2).jpg Bay-class patrol boat  Australia Patrol Boat (2) SLNS Mihikatha (P350)

SLNS Rathnadeepa (P351 )

Reburished before being transferred from Australia [1] [2]

Shanghai I class  China Patrol boat (2) SLNS Weeraya (P311)

SLNS Jagatha ( P315)

Type 062-class gunboat, October 2014-1.jpg Shanghai II class  China Patrol boat (4) SLNS Abeetha II (P316)

SLNS Edithara II (P317) SLNS Wickrama II ( P318 ) SLNS Ranarisi (P322 )

Type 062-class gunboat, October 2014-1.jpg Shanghai III class  China Patrol boat (3) SLNS Ranajaya (P330)

SLNS Ranadeera (P331 ) SLNS Ranawickrema (P332 )

Lushun class  China Patrol boat (2) SLNS Prathapa (P340 )

SLNS Udara (P341 )

Fast Attack Crafts
Hai Ou Class missile boat.jpg Dvora - Mk I  Israel Patrol boat (4) P 440

P 441 P 442 P 443

HPL-21 Ankaran.jpg Super Dvora - Mk II  Israel Patrol boat (3)
Super dvora mk3.jpg Super Dvora Mk III-class patrol boat  Israel Patrol boat (6)

Acquired from Israel in 2010

Flickr - Israel Defense Forces - The Israeli Navy sets sail on another mission in the mediterranean.jpg Shaldag class  Israel Patrol boat (7) P 470

P 471 P 472 P 473 P 474 P 475 P 476

Colombo class  Sri Lanka Patrol boat (22)

Built by Colombo Dockyard for the Sri Lanka Navy

Arrow speed boats  Sri Lanka Patrol boat (100+)

Small fast patrol/assault speed boat constructed by the Sri Lanka Navy or use by its littoral warfare units, the Special Boat Squadron (Sri Lanka) and the Rapid Action Boat Squadron (RABS)[3]

Wave Rider Class  Sri Lanka Patrol boat (25+)

Made in Sri lanka for Inshore Patrol purpose [4]

Trinity Marine Class  USA Patrol boat (5) P 480

P 481 P 483 P 484 P 485

Rigid-hulled inflatable boat  USA Inflatable boat

Acquired from United States[5]

Amphibious vessels
Sri Lanka Military 0056.jpg Yuhai class  China Landing ship tank (1) SLNS Shakthi (L 880)


29 M Landing Craft  Sri Lanka Landing craft utility (2) SLNS Ranavijaya (L 836)

SLNS Ranagaja (L 839)


Yunnan Class 067 general purpose landing craft.jpg Landing craft mechanized  China Yunnan class (2) L 820

L 821

Utility craft air cushion  Britain ABS M-10 LSC (1) A 530

The Hovercraft is used for Logistic Supply purposes

Auxiliary vessels
Sri Lanka Navy troop transport catamaran.JPG Fast personal carriers Catamaran (6) Hansaya (A 540)

Lihiniya (A 541) A 543 A 520 A 521 A 623



Limited to trials, it is not certain if they are deployed for operations;

Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service Notes
HH-65 Dolphin  United States OPV 1 In Operation
HAL Chetak  India OPV/Training SA 316 2 In Operation


Shipboard weapon systems
Sri Lanka Navy Unibuffel APC
Sri Lanka Typhoon System in Military Parade
Land vehicles
Rocket Artillery
Radar Systems
  • Raytheon’s HFSWR-503 (High-Frequency Surface Wave Radar) Sea Search System
  • Type 84 (W84) 82 mm mortar
  • Type 89 60 mm mortar
Small arms

Shore Establishments[edit]


Main shore establishments
  • SLNS Parakrama (Flagstaff Street, Colombo) - Naval Headquarters
  • SLNS Lanka (Welisara) -VNF HQ
  • SLNS Gemunu (Welisara) - Naval Barracks & Naval Detention Barracks
  • SLNS Mahasen (Welisara) - Logistic deport
  • SLNS Tissa (Trincomalee)
Naval bases
Training establishments
  • Naval and Maritime Academy (SLN Dockyard, Trincomalee)
  • SLNS Thakshila (Welisara) - Naval Artificer Training Institute
  • SLNS Nipuna (Boossa) - Advanced Naval Training Centre
  • SLNS Shilpa (Kandy) - Naval Recruit Training Centre
  • SLNS Shiksha (Poonewa) - Naval Recruit Training Centre
  • SLNS Pandukabaya - Naval Recruit Training Centre/Combat Training School
Land based naval contingents
  • SLNS Walagamba
  • SLNS Gajaba
  • SLNS Agbo (Madangal)
  • SLNS Vijayaba
  • SLNS Kanchadewa (Kayts and Velani)
  • SLNS Velusumana (Mandathivu)
  • SLNS Gotaimbara (Punguduthivu)
  • SLNS Perakumba (Sampur, Trincomalee)
  • SLNS Vasaba (Delft Island)
  • SLNS Pussadeva (Vankalai)
  • SLNS Theraputta (Shilawathura)
  • SLNS Bharana (Mullikulam)
Harbour defence units
Former shore establishments

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