Curro Romero

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Curro Romero
The bronze statue outside of the bullring of the Real Maestranza in Seville, Spain

Francisco Romero López (December 1, 1933) Spanish bullfighter, known as Curro Romero. Born in Camas, near Seville.

He started his professional career in La Pañoleta (Seville), on August 22, 1954 together with Limeño.

His first corrida with horses took place in Utrera (Sevilla), on September 8, 1954, fighting bulls that belonged to Ruperto de los Reyes and Francisco Corpas. His debut in Madrid happened on July 18, 1957, with bulls from Alipio Pérez-Tabernero. He was not very successful on that day.

His career has been one of the longest in bullfighting. It has also been very irregular. He retired at age 66, after 42 years of profession. There is a bronze statue of him outside the bullring in Sevilla.

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