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Curry Mee
Singapore Curry Noodle by Banej.jpg
Place of originIndonesia and Malaysia
Region or stateMaritime Southeast Asia
Main ingredientsNoodles (Egg, or rice vermicelli), spicy curry soup, chilli/sambal, coconut milk, mint leaves; one of dried tofu, prawns, cuttlefish, chicken, or eggs

Curry mee (Malay: mee kari; simplified Chinese: 咖喱面; traditional Chinese: 咖喱麵; pinyin: Gālímiàn) is an Asian dish originated from the Maritime Southeast Asian community particularly in the region of Indonesia and Malaysia. This dish is so well accepted, it has been made into fusion food of other nationalities in the Southeast Asian Region. [1][2][3] It is called mee kari widely in Malaysia, curry mee in northern part of the Malaysia, and mi kari or mie kari in Indonesia (with a local variant called mi aceh in the province of Aceh).[1] In other places where this dish has been made fusion, it is called "curry laksa" (Malay: laksa kari; Chinese: 咖喱喇沙; pinyin: Gālí Lǎshā). The dish is unique to Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.[2] It might have been influenced by Indonesian cuisine, Malaysian cuisine, Chinese cuisine and Indian cuisine.

It is usually made up of thin yellow noodles or/and string thin mee-hoon (rice vermicelli) with spicy curry soup, chilli/sambal, coconut milk, and a choice of dried tofu, cuttlefish, chicken, egg, mint leaves and cockle.

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