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The Curry Stone Design Prize is an award given by the Curry Stone Foundation for innovative excellence in humanitarian design.[1] The Prize comes with no restrictions, and is given to design practitioners at many scales, and includes those active in architecture, urban planning, civic engagement, product design and heritage promotion. The prize is awarded annually, with between one and five winners. The Prize’s stated mission is to “highlight, honor, and reward projects that improve daily living conditions for communities around the world.”[2]

To be considered for the Prize, entrants are nominated by a network of leaders in humanitarian and social design. The prizes are awarded by a rotating jury, which itself is selected annually. To date, juries have included over 200 luminaries from the world of design and leaders within the public interest design movement.

Since 2008, 26 winners have been selected and received awards up to $100,000 USD.[3]

Past Winners have included:[4]

Year Winner
2016 Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centers (SPARC)
2015 Rural Urban Framework
2014 Studios Kabako
Proximity Designs
Studio TAM/Emergency
2013 Hunnarshala
Architecture for Humanity
2012 Liter of Light
Riwaq Centre for Architectural Conservation
Jeanne van Heeswijk
Center for Urban Pedagogy
MASS Design Group
2011 Hsieh Ying Chun
Atelier D’Architecture Autogeree
Frontline SMS (Ken Banks)
2010 Maya Pedal
Sustainable Health Enterprises
2009 Alejandro Echeverri and Sergio Fajardo
Transition Network
Anna Heringer
2008 Antonio Scarponi
Shawn Frayne
Luyanda Mpahlwa
Marjetica Potrc
Wes Janz


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