Curry beef triangle

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Curry beef triangle
TypeHong Kong pastry
Place of originHong Kong
Main ingredientsCurry beef
Other information
Chinese name
Chinese1. 咖喱酥
2. 咖喱酥餃
3. 咖喱角
Jyutpingkaa1 lei1 sou1
Hanyu Pinyingā lí sū
Literal meaning1. Curry Puff
2. Curry Jiaozi
3. Curry Triangle

Curry beef triangle is a type of Chinese pastry.[1][2] The pastry is shaped in a half-moon crescent. It has curry beef filling in the center and is also crunchy on the outside.[2] The outer shell is thick and flaky. It is one of the standard pastries in Hong Kong. It is much more rare in Chinatown bakery shops.[citation needed] It should not be confused with the Malaysian and Singaporean curry puff.

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