Curse of the Queerwolf

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Curse of the Queerwolf
Curse of the Queerwolf.jpg
Directed by Mark Pirro
Produced by Sergio Bandera
Mark Pirro
Written by Mark Pirro
Starring Michael Palazzolo
Kent Butler
Taylor Whitney
Music by Gregg Gross
Edited by Mark Pirro
Pirromount Pictures
Release date
Running time
90 minutes
Country USA
Language English
Budget $10,000 (estimated)

Curse of the Queerwolf is a 1988 comedy horror film directed by Mark Pirro. Michael Palazzolo and Kent Butler starred in the film.


Larry meets someone he believes to be a woman, but is actually a transvestite, who turns him into a "queerwolf" by biting him on the buttocks. He transforms into a transvestite at night when there is a full moon. People hunting the werewolf discover the transvestite at Larry's apartment, and they also warn him about a curse. A gypsy offers to help him, but Larry refuses until the first full moon that he experiences. The only way for him to combat the transformation is to look at a medallion with a picture of John Wayne.[1][2]


  • Michael Palazzolo as Larry Smalbut
  • Kent Butler as Richard Cheese
  • Taylor Whitney as Lois Gerstel
  • Cynthia Brownell as Paula McFarland
  • Darwyn Carson as Holly
  • Jim Bruce as Mr. McFarland
  • Sergio Bandera as Priest
  • Mark Pirro as Torchman
  • Rodney Trappe as Torchman
  • John McCafferty as Mountain Man
  • Pat Hunter as Mountain Man
  • Timothy Ralston as Mountain Man
  • Susan Cherones as Mrs. Thyroid
  • Conrad Brooks as Wally Beaver
  • Forrest J Ackerman as Mr. Richardson
  • Alfie Pearl as Detective Morose
  • Hugh O. Fields as Fagxorcist
  • Mike Margy as Custodian
  • Cheryl Butler as Gina
  • Natalia Gvozdic as Dancer
  • Don Martin as TV Newscaster


The film was produced in Santa Barbara with 8mm film, which is the type of film that was used by many very low-budget directors in the late 1980s.[1]

The queerwolf first made an appearance in the director's film A Polish Vampire in Burbank, but it was not in the film for long.[2] Stereotypes of homosexuals are parodied, along with horror conventions.[3]


Author David Bleiler wrote in his book TLA Video & DVD Guide 2005, "But while offensive to some, it is more harmless camp than incendiary hatred".[4] A Rovi review said, "Tasteless and raunchy, the film will offend many, but those looking for a sick, offbeat comedy will enjoy Pirro's irreverence.[3]

Adam Tyner, writing for DVD Talk, said, "Anyway, even though I do see Curse of the Queerwolf as superior in a number of ways, for whatever reason, I didn't find it particularly funny. That's not to say there aren't funny parts".[2]

Home media[edit]

The film had a VHS release in 1994, distributed by Artemis Entertainment.[5] It had a 2003 DVD release with two special features, the documentary Completely From Behind and a commentary.[2] The DVD was distributed by MTI Home Video.[6]


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