Curse of the Royal Harem

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Curse of the Royal Harem
Crh poster.jpg
Curse of the Royal Harem official poster
Also known as 'The Queen of All'
Genre Historical fiction
Written by Lee Yee-wah
Choi Shuk-yin
Starring Jessica Hsuan
Myolie Wu
Sunny Chan
Gigi Wong
Nancy Wu
Joel Chan
Theme music composer Tang Chi-wai (opening)
Yip Kai-chung (ending)
Opening theme Kok On Tin Ming (各安天命) by Susanna Kwan
Ending theme Tin Cho Tei Chit (天造地設) by Myolie Wu
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes

Hong Kong:29

Executive producer(s) Chong Wai-kin
Location(s) Hong Kong
Camera setup Multi camera
Production company(s) TVB
Original network Jade
HD Jade
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release 31 October – 4 December 2011
Preceded by Super Snoops
Followed by Bottled Passion
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Curse of the Royal Harem
Traditional Chinese 萬凰之王
Simplified Chinese 万凰之王
Literal meaning "The King Among Ten Thousand Phoenixes"

Curse of the Royal Harem (Traditional Chinese: 萬凰之王; literally "The King Among Ten Thousand Phoenixes") is a 2011 Hong Kong period drama produced by TVB under executive producer Chong Wai-kin. The 45-minute episodes aired from 31 October to 4 December 2011, in a total of 27 episodes in Hong Kong and 29 episodes for the overseas audience. It is one of three grand TVB productions used to celebrate the channel's 44th anniversary, the other two being Super Snoops and Forensic Heroes III.

The drama is Hong Kong's second highest-rating serial drama of 2011.


Set in the mid-1800s Qing Dynasty, Curse of the Royal Harem is loosely based on the reign of the Daoguang Emperor of China and tells of the drama and romantic intrigue in the court's Manchurian royal harem.[1]

Yee-lan, the Consort Tsuen (Jessica Hsuan) was the new wife of Emperor Do-kwong (Sunny Chan)'s elder brother. However, Do-kwong's brother was missing after a battle and his body was never found. Empress Dowager Kung-chee (Gigi Wong) was devastated that she lost her beloved son and saw Yee-lan, as an ominous woman and wanted her dead. Because Do-kwong was already in love with Yee-lan, since he was young, he chose to save her by making Yee-lan, as his new concubine, which angered his wife, Empress Hao-sun (Myolie Wu). Partnering up with Empress Dowager, the two vowed to eradicate Yee-lan, using many different schemes to harm her. As Yee-lan, wanted to protect herself, she did not hesitate to battle the Empress to the end. During their battle, Yee-lan, accidentally discovered a major plot happening in the royal harem. Who is behind this big plot? Who will be the winner in this intense battle in the royal harem?

Cast and characters[edit]

Character names are in Cantonese romanisation.

Main cast[edit]

  • Jessica Hsuan as Niohuru Yee-lan (鈕祜祿·伊蘭), the Consort Tsuen (全皇贵妃) — the Emperor Do-kwong's favourite consort and childhood crush. She was once married to Do-kwong's older brother Min-yi; however, he went missing after he went to control a rebellion in Northwest China a few months after their marriage. Yee-lan is forced to become a human sacrifice for Mini-yi's funeral ceremony by the orders of Empress Dowager Kung-chee, who sees Yee-lan as unfortunate and cursed. Do-kwong saves Yee-lan from her death and announces that he will take her hand in marriage. Although Yee-lan agrees to become his consort, she still holds the belief that Min-yi is alive and escapes palace grounds to search for him. Yee-lan eventually falls in love with Do-kwong, who honours her as an individual and his wife.
  • Myolie Wu as Tunggiya Yuen-yuen (佟佳·沅宛), the Empress Consort Hao-sun (孝慎皇后) — Emperor Do-kwong's first empress consort and Yee-lan's main rival. Her coronation as Empress is disrupted by Do-kwong when he goes to save Yee-lan from burial. Jealous of Do-kwong's favouritism to Yee-lan, and a fear of losing her title as Empress, Yuen-yuen attempts to strip Yee-lan from power by dispatching a spy to Yee-lan's palace chamber. Yuen-yuen becomes desperate to conceive a son and is later deposed of her title as Empress after Do-kwong discovers her illicit affair with Min-yan.
  • Sunny Chan as the Do-kwong Emperor (道光帝) — the benevolent Qing Dynasty Emperor who naturally became the successor of his father after the death of his older brother, Min-yi. He had a crush on Yee-lan since youth, but because Yee-lan and Min-yi were in love, he decided to forgo his pursuits. Do-kwong interrupts Yuen-yuen's coronation as Emperess to save Yee-lan from her burial and later takes her in as his consort, much to the dismay of Yuen-yuen and Kung-chee. The is extremely close to his brothers and muses that if Min-yi hadn't died, he would have been crowned instead.
  • Joel Chan as Min-yan, the Prince Sui (瑞親王綿忻) — Do-kwong's younger half-brother. Min-yan extremely respects his older brother and purposefully presents himself in a much harsher and militaristic image to highlight Do-kwong's more sincere and benevolent side. Min-yan was Yuen-yuen's lover before she married Do-kwong. Though he still harbours feelings for her, Min-yan is disgusted by Yuen-yuen's calculating and cunning schemes for power. After suffering a miscarriage, Yuen-yuen seduces Min-yan and he sires a son with her. Swayed by Kung-chee and Yuen-yuen, Min-yan develops a growing dissent towards Do-kwong's rule and ultimately decides to overthrow him.
  • Gigi Wong as Empress Dowager Kung-chee (恭慈皇太后) — Do-kwong's stepmother and Min-yan's mother. Although Do-kwong is not her biological son, he is the most filial. Kung-chee believes Yee-lan is creating tension between her and Do-kwong, and finds her power in court to be weakening. She later convinces Min-yan to start a coup to overthrow Do-kwong.
  • Nancy Wu as Choi-lam (彩藍) — born Borjigit Ching-yu (博爾濟吉特·静瑜), the maiden Yuen-yuen sends to spy on Yee-lan. Choi-lam later betrays Yuen-yuen to serve Yee-lan, but is unhappy with her ambiguous relationship with her two masters. She later wins Do-kwong's favour and becomes Consort Ching (靜妃).

Minor characters[edit]

  • Kwok Fung as Mukcheung-or (穆彰阿) — Lok-yan's father and Consort Dowager Shun's past lover.
  • Sire Ma as Lok-yan, the Princess Consort Sui (瑞王福晉樂欣) — Yuen-yuen's younger cousin and Min-yan's wife. Her marriage to Min-yan is arranged by Yuen-yuen.
  • Sarah Song as Empress Xiaoshurui (孝淑睿皇后) - Emperor Do-kwong's deceased mother.
  • Peter Pang as Prince Muk (穆親王) - Do-kwong's deceased brother and Yee-lan's ex-husband.
  • Elena Kong as Consort Dowager Shun (信太妃) — Witness to Kung-chee's murder of Do-kwong's mother.
  • Cheung Kwok-keung as Wai Fuk-on (衛福安) — Kung-chee's personal eunuch and trusted follower.
  • Gordon Liu as Tunggiya Shumung-or (佟佳·舒明阿), Yuen-yuen's father.
  • Rebecca Chan as Tunggiya Sin-yau (佟佳·倩柔), Yuen-yuen's mother.
  • Ching Hor-wai as Chui Mor-mor (崔嬤嬤), Yee-lan's servant and Choi-kiu's mother.
  • Ben Wong as Fucha Ngok-tai (富察·鍔泰) — Yee-ling's pupil and Yee-lan's best friend. He later has a crush on Choi-kiu.
  • Kong Hon as Niohuru Yee-ling (鈕祜祿·頤齡) — Yee-lan's father.
  • Charmaine Li as Concubine Yeung (祥嬪) — one of Yee-lan's good friends. She is the first of Do-kwong's concubines to get pregnant, but had a miscarriage few months later.
  • Macy Chan as Choi-kiu (彩喬) — Chui Mor-mor's daughter and Yee-lan's maid.
  • Oscar Chan as Little Eunuch Choi (小蔡子) — Do-kwong's assistant eunuch. He has a crush on Choi-lam.
  • Vivien Yeo as Consort Wan (芸妃)
  • Jess Shum as Consort Shing (成妃)
  • Russell Cheung as Little Eunuch Hong (小康子) — Yee-lan's assistant eunuch.
  • Lee Yee-man as Choi-yin (彩燕) — Yuen-yuen's maid.
  • Sherry Chen as Worthy Lady Lam (琳貴人)
  • Deborah Poon as Worthy Lady Tung (彤貴人)
  • Jason Cheng as Little Eunuch Kwai (小季子) — Yuen-yuen's assistant eunuch.
  • Tina Shek as Choi-yuet (彩月)

Viewership ratings[edit]

Week Episode(s) Average points Peaking points Viewers in millions (peak) References
1 — 6
1.85 (2.17)
7 — 11
1.85 (—)
12 — 16
1.85 (—)
17 — 21
1.85 (1.98)
22 — 27
1.98 (2.10)
28 — 29
2.49 (2.74)

Awards and Nominations[edit]

My AOD Favourite Awards 2011[edit]

  • Won: My Favourite Actress in a Leading Role (Myolie Wu)
  • Won: My Favourite Top 15 Drama Characters (Myolie Wu)
  • Nominated: My Favourite Drama Series
  • Nominated: My Favourite Drama Theme Song (Kok On Tin Ming (各安天命) by Susanna Kwan)

45th TVB Anniversary Awards 2011[edit]

  • Won: Best Actress in a Leading Role (Myolie Wu)
  • Won: Best Improved Female Artiste (Sire Ma)
  • Won: Best Supporting Actor (Ben Wong)
  • Nominated: Best Drama
  • Nominated: Best Actor (Sunny Chan)
  • Nominated: Best Actress (Jessica Hsuan)
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actress (Gigi Wong)

International Broadcast[edit]


External links[edit]

  • Curse of the Royal Harem - Official Website (in Chinese)