Curtin Student Guild

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Curtin Student Guild
Full name Curtin University of Technology Student Guild
Founded 1969
Affiliation National Union of Students (NUS)
Key people Jason Giancono (President), Brent Penberthy (Managing Director)
Office location Perth, Western Australia
Country Australia
Website [2]

The Curtin Student Guild is the peak student representative body at Curtin University, representing the interests of students to the University, government and the wider community, as well as providing services to students. The Guild's published official objective is to "Further the Common Interest of the Enrolled Students".

About the Guild[edit]

The Curtin Student Guild is the peak student representative body at the Curtin University. The vision of the Guild is to "be an independent organisation which is highly valued by all of the University Community, especially our members, through the active provision of services and benefits encompassing all aspects of student life. The Guild provides a number of services, and is instrumental in promoting and sustaining student life on campus. The Guild runs a number of activities including Orientation Day (O-Day), End of Semester Bash's and other major campus events. Guild Departments and Subsidiary Councils run other events, such as Multicultural Week and Pasar Malam (run by the International Students Committee).

The Guild was founded in 1969 as the Western Australian Institute of Technology Student Guild (WAIT Guild) and become the Curtin Student Guild when the Western Australian Institute of Technology became Curtin University. The Guild is enshrined in Part 2 of the Curtin University of Technology Act 1966 and a University Statute serves as the Guild's Constitution.

The Guild also supports and assists a network of more than 100 affiliated clubs and societies on campus, catering to a very wide range of interests (academic, issues, international etc.). The Guild also runs the vast majority catering outlets on campus, including the Tav, as well as a number of retail outlets and tenants.

Guild Council is the overall governing body of the Guild and consists of 23 voting members democratically elected at the annual Guild elections. The current Guild President is Jason Giancono, who took office on 1 December 2014.

Annual elections[edit]

Student representatives are elected to their positions by students in annual elections held in September. Elections are conducted by the Western Australian Electoral Commission. Both independent and party candidates run in the elections, with the historical bias leaning towards grouped members becoming elected. Elected office bearers take office as of 1 December in the year they are elected.

The 2014 Elections took place from the 16th to the 18th of September 2014, and were for the 46th Guild Council. Four parties contested the 2014 elections: Illuminate, Left Action, Student Unity and the Overheard at Curtin Party, as well as a number of independents.[1]

Guild Structure[edit]

The Guild is administered by a Council of student representatives elected for one-year terms at the annual elections. There are twenty-three voting members of Council, and several more non-voting members. Members may hold a voting and a non-voting role concurrently. The officebearers of the Guild are all paid, and the Guild President and Vice Presidents are paid full-time at the highest rate of any student organisation in Australia with the President taking home ~$52,000 a year. The following list shows the Councillors and Officer Bearers elected at the 2014 Guild Elections (with the exception of Guild Council Chairperson who was elected at the first Council meeting on December 1, 2014):[2]

Guild Executive
Name Position Ticket (when elected)
Jason Giancono Guild President Illuminate
Saraya Martin Education Vice President Illuminate
Rami Tawil Activities Vice President Illuminate
Jake Wittey General Secretary Illuminate
Faculty Representatives
Name Position Ticket (when elected)
Liam O'Neill Humanities Faculty Representative Illuminate
Jayne Kazich Health Science Faculty Representative Illuminate
Ammar Fazillah Science and Engineering Faculty Representative Illuminate
Amy Bracegirdle Business Faculty Representative Illuminate
Subsidiary Council Presidents
Name Position Ticket (when elected)
Natasha Woenarso International Students Committee President Illuminate
Achmad Room Fitrianto Curtin University Postgraduate Students Association President Left Action
Guild Councillors
Name Position Ticket (when elected)
Lewis Whittaker Guild Councillor (Guild Council Chairperson) Illuminate
Aaron Beardsell Guild Councillor Left Action
Sarah Formentin Guild Councillor Illuminate
Clare Francis Guild Councillor Left Action
Helman Alfonso Guild Councillor Illuminate
Layal Ghalayini Guild Councillor Left Action
Keelee Hadland Guild Councillor Illuminate
Sam Cavallaro Guild Councillor Left Action
Dylan Gojak Guild Councillor Student Unity
Equity Department Officer
Name Position Ticket (when elected)
Sarah Franz Queer Officer Illuminate
Rey Jabonero Queer Officer Illuminate
Siobhan O'Rourke Women's Officer Illuminate
Grace McDonald Women's Officer Illuminate
Fabian Yarran Indigenous Officer Left Action
Jodie Best Mature Age Student Officer Illuminate
Gareth Thomas Mature Age Student Officer Illuminate
Other Non-Voting Members
Name Position Ticket (when elected)
Sam Cavallaro Immediate Past President Left Action
Brent Penberthy Managing Director N/A - Staff
Corrie Filmore Minute Secretary N/A - Staff
National Union of Students Delegates
Name Position Ticket (when elected)
Sarah Franz NUS Delegate Illuminate
Clare Francis NUS Delegate Left Action
Liam O'Neill NUS Delegate Illuminate
Sam Cavallaro NUS Delegate Left Action
Siobhan O'Rourke NUS Delegate Illuminate
Miranda Wood NUS Delegate Left Action
Dylan Gojak NUS Delegate Student Unity