Curtis (crater)

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Curtis (LRO).png
LRO image
Coordinates 14°34′N 56°46′E / 14.57°N 56.76°E / 14.57; 56.76Coordinates: 14°34′N 56°46′E / 14.57°N 56.76°E / 14.57; 56.76
Diameter 2.9 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 187° at sunrise
Eponym Heber D. Curtis
Apollo 17 image
Apollo 15 image

Curtis is a very small lunar crater that lies in the western Mare Crisium, to the east of the crater Picard. It is a circular, cup-shaped formation that is otherwise undistinguished.

In the past it was designated Picard Z, before it was assigned an eponym by the IAU in 1973.[1]


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