Curtis Reed (Home and Away)

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Curtis Reed
Curtis Reed (Home and Away).jpg
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Shane Ammann
Duration 1994–1997
First appearance 16 September 1994
Last appearance 15 April 1997
Introduced by Andrew Howie
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Student

Curtis Reed is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by Shane Ammann. He made his first appearance during the episode broadcast on 16 September 1994. He was introduced alongside his adopted sister, Shannon Reed (Isla Fisher). He departed on 15 April 1997.


Ammann joined the cast of Home and Away in 1994, shortly after completing his role on Paradise Beach, along with co-star Isla Fisher to play the respective roles of Curtis and Shannon Reed.[2]

Ammann left the serial in 1997 at a time many other cast members decided to quit their roles.[3]


Curtis has a brief relationship with exchange student Laura Bonetti (Claudia Buttazonni). When she arrives in Summer Bay, both Curtis and his friend Jack Wilson (Daniel Amalm) develop a crush on Laura. Laura initially befriends Jack, but when he realises that she is using him as "a go-between" to get to Curtis, the boys fall out.[4] Victoria Ross of Inside Soap observed that before long it emerges that Laura is "completely bonkers!"[4] Ammann said Curtis is "pretty easily led" and that as he is smitten with Laura, it does not take much for her to lead him astray. Laura persuades Curtis to hide in a supermarket with her, until it is closed and they are alone.[4] However, neither of them realise that they have been caught on CCTV cameras. Although they both wore balaclavas, Curtis worries that he will be identified and arrested.[4] Ammann explained, "Although Curtis gets involved in playing out lots of dares, he eventually realises that he's doing something wrong and that the supermarket prank is the final straw. So when he finds out that the police are getting involved he's full of remorse."[4]

Curtis also has a romance with Selina Cook (Tempany Deckert). Ammann was forced to take leave from the show when he contracted chicken pox, upon his return it was suspected he had glandular fever. Producers forced co-star Deckert to have a blood test after they shared many kissing scenes. Upon their return the amount of intimate scenes between the two was intentionally reduced.[5]


Curtis arrives in Summer Bay along with his adopted sister, Shannon Reed (Isla Fisher) after their adoptive mother Elizabeth dies. Curtis and Shannon are fostered by the Stewart and Ross families, respectively. One evening, Alf returns home early and catches Curtis and Shannon kissing passionately on the couch. The pair quickly explain that they are not really related and have been a couple for several years. However, Curtis and Shannon eventually break up, but remain friends. Curtis befriends Jack Wilson and they get into various scrapes.

When Italian exchange student, Laura Bonetti arrives to stay with the Stewarts, Curtis is smitten with her and so is Jack but Laura prefers Curtis and they begin dating and Laura leads Curtis astray. Ailsa and Curtis' friends are unimpressed with Laura's rebellious ways but their opinions falls on deaf ears. One night, Laura seeking a thrill, dares Curtis to cross a railway line in front of an oncoming train, Curtis backs out but Laura goes ahead and is instantly killed by the train. Following Laura's death, Curtis sinks into depression and begin drowning his sorrows in alcohol, which he uses Ailsa's credit card to order. His destructive behaviour culminates in him trashing a classroom. Travis Nash (Nic Testoni), a witness to Laura's death, helps Curtis beat his alcoholism and sympathises as his girlfriend had died several years previously.

Curtis then begins a relationship with Selina who has been attracted to him since he first arrived in the bay. Nelson McFarlane (Laurence Bruels), Selina's old flame returns to town and Curtis is worried that she will go back to him but Nelson later dates Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie) and Curtis and Selina remain together. Curtis' relationship with Selina does not last very long and they break up after Selina feels she has outgrown him.

Curtis begin dating Chloe Richards (Kristy Wright) who is beating a speed addiction. Curtis helps her through it and in turn she helps him come to terms with his diabetes and they began a relationship. When Chloe is raped one night while walking home along the beach, Curtis supports her but several months later both agree to a mutual breakup.

After falling out with the Stewarts and leaving home to move in at Travis' place, Curtis decides to pursue a surfing career. During this, Jenna Evans appears and he is taken aback due to Jenna's uncanny resemblance to Laura who had died two years previous. After breaking up with Casey Mitchell (Rebecca Croft), He becomes involved with Jenna. When Sean Graham (Anthony Engelman) comes looking for Jenna, he reveals he is her husband and warns Curtis to stay away. It transpires that Jenna's real name is Lisa and she changed her name and fled to Summer Bay to escape Sean's abusive nature. Sean drags Jenna home with him but she flees to her parents. Curtis refuses to give up on Jenna and she stands up to Sean and he leaves. Curtis then leaves the bay to pursue a career in the professional surfing circuit and Jenna agrees to go with him.


Rachel Browne of The Sun-Herald branded Curtis "the new stud of Summer Bay High", after he romanced both Chloe and Casey.[6]


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