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Managing Editor Belinda Stening
Categories Design magazines
Frequency Quarterly
Publisher Belinda Stening
First issue 2002
Company Beesting Communications Pty Ltd
Country Australia
Language English
ISSN 1446-4829

Curve is a magazine about industrial design and product design. Published quarterly since 2002, it features interviews and profiles with designers, product developers and manufacturers,[1] as well as coverage of new materials, technologies and trends in industrial design.[2]

Curve is available by subscription only. As well as an interactive app edition, there is a complete set of online archives at the magazine's website, accessible only to subscribers.[3]

The website also features a blog covering industrial design news.[4]

Curve is a member of the International Design Media Network (IDMN)[5] established by the International Design Alliance (IDA), an alliance of global design associations for industrial design (Icsid), communication design (Icograda) and interior design (IFI).[6]

Since 2009, Curve has been a media partner of the Red Dot design award.[7]

Notable designers profiled in Curve[edit]


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