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Digital Distribution Netherlands
Founded 2011
Founder Lars Curfs
Country of origin Netherlands
Location Amsterdam
Official website Official website

Digital Distribution Netherlands (DDN) is a Dutch digital music distributor, based in the Netherlands and founded in 2011.


DDN started as a Amsterdam based music production company under the name Curves Music, composing music for content creators using freelance music producers. In its first year of business, the company branched a new distribution division under a new name, Digital Distribution Netherlands. In 2013, DDN dissolved the music production activities from its core business, while shifting its focus to ghost distribution. In 2013, the company took on a large number of record label accounts, releasing a wide catalogue of tracks and albums in that same year.

In 2015, the company started a division that specializes in managing the distribution of royalties for songs unrightfully used on digital services such as YouTube, using a database of song recordings and metadata for identification.

To date (2017), more than 8.000 releases have been administrated by DDN.

Distribution channels[edit]

DDN has distribution deals with the following services:

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