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Civil parish
Coat of arms of Custóias
Coat of arms
Country Portugal
Municipality Matosinhos
Disbanded 2013
 • Total 5.78 km2 (2.23 sq mi)
 • Total 18,065
 • Density 3,100/km2 (8,100/sq mi)
Postal code 4460

Custóias is a former civil parish in the municipality of Matosinhos in the Greater Porto area, Portugal. In 2013, the parish merged into the new parish Custóias, Leça do Balio e Guifões.[1] Custóias is a town since 2003. The town is 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from Matosinhos and 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) from Porto.


The town covers an area is 5.78 square kilometres (1,430 acres) and had 18,065 inhabitants in the 2001 census. The area is mainly residential, with two-storey dwellings. The town centre is the town square, called Largo do Souto (Souto Square). Custóias hosts a large fair every Saturday.


Custóias is served by A4 and VRI motorways. Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto and Resende provide the bus network. The Porto Metro are Line B and E - Custóias; Line C - Cândido dos Reis and Pias.


Custóias is home to a state prison that serves the northern region of the country. It was built by prisoners in 1974.


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Coordinates: 41°12′00″N 8°37′59″W / 41.200°N 8.633°W / 41.200; -8.633