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Birth name Duane Lavold
Born Canada
Genres Alternative rock, trip hop, industrial rock, punk rock, alternative hip hop, alternative metal
Instruments Vocals, guitar, bass, cello, keyboards, turntable
Years active 1997–present
Labels Artist Direct Records

Custom (also known as Duane Lavold) is a Canadian-born, New York-based rock musician and film maker best known for his song "Hey Mister".


Lavold began his career in film making, notability making the unrelated film "Limp" starring INXS singer Michael Hutchence.[1] He later moved to New York City to start a musical career. living in a loft he dubbed "120",[2] Lavold built his own studio. He recorded his debut album "Fast" in said studio, performing most of the album by himself.


Studio album by Custom
Released March 19, 2002
Length 43:07
Label Artist Direct Records
Singles from Fast
  1. "Hey Mister"
    Released: 2001
  2. "Beat Me"
    Released: 2002

Fast (released March 19, 2002) – Written and produced by Custom. Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Duncan Sheik co-wrote the song "Like You" and contributed instrumentals and background vocals to some of the tracks.

No. Title Length
1. "Beat Me" 4:00
2. "Hey Mister" 3:22
3. "Streets" 3:55
4. "Like You" 3:30
5. "Mess" 2:41
6. "Morning Spank" 4:09
7. "Skate" 0:39
8. "May 26" 3:52
9. "Give" 3:10
10. "Daddy" 3:11
11. "One Day" 2:44
12. "Crawl" 4:57
13. "120" 3:00


Minor controversy erupted when the music video for the song "Hey Mister" was banned from MTV. The video follows a young woman (22-year-old actress) as she frolics on the beach, hangs out with the singer, and goes shopping. The music video featured the song's sexually suggestive lyrics being written on the woman's skin as well as upskirt shots exposing her underwear. The video was banned, as the MTV Standards and Practices division felt that the entirety of the video and song were "pedophilic and offensive to women".[3]

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