Cut (2000 film)

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Directed by Kimble Rendall
Produced by Bill Bennett
Martin Fabinyi
Jennifer Cluff
Written by Dave Warner
Starring Molly Ringwald
Kylie Minogue
Tiriel Mora
Music by Guy Gross
Cinematography David Foreman
Edited by Henry Dangar
Beyond Films
MBP (Germany)
Mushroom Pictures
Distributed by Mushroom Pictures
Trimark Pictures
Release date
23 February 2000
Running time
82/98 minutes
Country Australia
Language English

Cut is a 2000 Australian comedy horror film, which was directed by Kimble Rendall and stars Kylie Minogue, Molly Ringwald and Tiriel Mora.[1]


Fed up with Brad's (Frank Roberts) on-screen antagonist's foul-ups, his director, Hilary Jacobs (Kylie Minogue), publicly humiliates him and fires him on the spot in front of onlookers. Her further degrading of him (as he comes hoping for one more chance) in her office causes this actor to go berserk, mutilating himself before cutting out her tongue using the modified prop shears as his real-life signature weapon. Before he could harm anyone else, his co-star Vanessa Turnbill (Molly Ringwald) gives him a makeshift tracheotomy which ends in Brad being seemingly electrocuted as P.A. man Lossman (Geoff Revell) looks on. But as Brad dies it seems he curses the source of his misery: Hot Blooded and all who would work on it. Now in present-day Australia, Lossman is a teacher using his personal experiences as warnings to his students that any attempts to complete filming or even screening of Hot Blooded! has ended up with lives being lost in mysterious and disturbing ways (like a producer being suspiciously electrocuted in an editing room or a director mysteriously discovered with his throat slit). But some of his pupils decide such a chance is too much of a temptation and despite his better wishes they decide to try to finish the film as a graduation grade. They contact Vanessa Turnbill to co-star; she is persuaded by her agent to go back to Australia; when she arrives at the airport she is greeted by Raffy and Hester who take her to a press conference to give the film publicity; while being interviewed a local reporter asks Vanessa if she is worried about the curse on the film, she passes off the question with a joke saying that "Oh if I die, I get paid extra". After that, Raffy & Hester Then the conference ends and all the film crew meet up to watch the print of Hot Blooded; Vanessa leaves shortly after it starts due to the bad memories, then as the print ends


Actor / Actress Character
Molly Ringwald Vanessa Turnbill / Chloe
Jessica Napier Raffy Carruthers
Frank Roberts Brad / Scarman
Kylie Minogue Hilary Jacobs
Geoff Revell Lossman
Simon Bossell Bobby Doog
Stephen Curry Rick Stephens
Sarah Kants Hester Ryan
Steve Greig Jim Pilonski
Sam Lewis Damien Ogle
Matt Russell Paulie Morrelli
Erika Walters Cassie Woolf
Phyllis Burford Martha
Peter Green Sen Det Hollander
Caroline Mignon Detective Lucy Carter
Edwin Hodgeman Mr. Drivett
Tiriel Mora Archives Projectionist
Don Barker Original Producer
Scott Heysen Original Director
Bronwyn James Forensic Supervisor
Pamela Shaw Lecturer
Paul Blackwell Vanessa's Manager
Huong Nguyen Cleaner
Dominic Pedlar TV Reporter
Patrick Frost TV Reporter
Holly Myers TV Reporter
Rebecca Green Extra
Flower Knutas Extra
Vanessa King Extra


It was also shot in South Australia in the Adelaide region.

Box office[edit]

Cut grossed $501,979 at the box office in Australia.[2]

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