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Asian Swahili
Native toTanzania, Kenya
RegionZanzibar, larger cities
Native speakers
45,000 (2002)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3ccl

Kutchi-Swahili, or Cutchi-Swahili, is a Swahili-based creole spoken among the Indian population of East Africa. It is the native language of some Gujarati families from Zanzibar that have settled in the larger cities of mainland Tanzania and Kenya, and is used as a second language by others of the Indian community. It is derived from the Kutchi language of the Kutch district in Gujarat.

Maho (2009) assigns different codes to Kutchi-Swahili and Asian Swahili (Kibabu),[3] and Ethnologue also notes that these may not be the same.[1]


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