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Cutting Room Studios is an audio mastering studio located in Stockholm, Sweden since 1980. Cutting Room was founded in the 1970s by Peter Strindberg,[1] and is currently owned by Björn Engelmann.[2] Sitting in a five studio location they have dedicated three of them to audio mastering. The remaining two studios have been dedicated to digital film, video restoration, DVD & Blu-ray as well as 7.1 audio mastering, which Cutting Room has been also working with since 2001.

Albums mastered[edit]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Swedish Grammis 2010[edit]

Cutting Room has been nominated for 18 Grammis,[3] winning four.
Winners: Årets kvinnliga artist Amanda JenssenHappyland,[4] Årets låt Mando Diao – Dance with somebody,[5] Årets nykomling Erik Hassle – Hassle, and Amanda Jenssen female artist and composer.

Song of the Year
  • Dead By April – Losing You
  • Erik Hassle – Hurtful
  • Mando Diao – Dance With Somebody

Album of the Year

  • Amanda Jenssen – Happyland

Newcomer of the Year

  • Adiam Dymott – Adiam Dymott
  • Dead By April – Losing You
  • Erik Hassle – Hassle

Artist of the Year

  • Mando Diao – Give Me Fire!

Male Artist of the Year

  • Erik Hassle – Hassle

Dance Band of the Year

  • Benny Andersson Band – Story Of A Heart

Jazz Album of the Year

  • Lisa Ekdahl – Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile

Club/HipHop Album of the Year

  • J-Son – Never Half Stepping

Pop Album of the Year

  • Fibes, Oh Fibes! – 1987
  • Melody Club – Goodbye To Romance

Hard Rock Album of the Year

  • Raised Fist – Veil Of Ignorance

Rock Album of the Year

  • Europe – Last Look At Eden
  • Bob Hund – Folkmusik för folk som inte kan bete sig som folk
  • Mando Diao – Give Me Fire!

Swedish Grammis 2011[edit]

Cutting Room was nominated for 20 Grammis.[6]

Song of the Year
  • Anna Bergendahl – This is my life
  • Daniel Adams-Ray – Gubben i Lådan
  • Erik Saade – Manboy
  • Erik Grönwall – Higher
  • Johnossi – What's the point
  • Oskar Linnros – Från och med du

Album of the Year

  • Oskar Linnros - Vilja Bli

Newcomer of the Year

  • Oskar Linnros – Vilja bli

Artist of the Year

  • Johnossi
  • Oskar Linnros
  • Petter

Male Artist of the Year

  • Daniel Adams-Ray – Svart vitt och allt däremellan
  • Oskar Linnros – Vilja bli

Producer of the Year

  • Red One

Special Award

  • The Ark - In Full Regalia

Export of the Year

  • Dungen
  • Red One

Lyricist of the Year

  • Oskar Linnros

Urban/Dance Album of the Year

  • Petter - En räddare i nöden

Innovator of the Year

  • Johnossi

Gold and platinum albums[edit]

Through the years, Cutting Room Studios has received numerous awards in the form of gold and platinum albums. In 2010, Chief Mastering Engineer, Björn Engelmann received an award for mastering the Christmas album for the Norwegian artists Sissel Kyrkjebø and Odd Nordstoga, which is titled “Sissel & Odd - Strålande Jul”. (Brilliant Christmas). This album has gone Eleven times Platinum in Norway selling over 330,000 copies. In 2011, Mando Diao sold platinum in Germany. Mats 'Limpan' Lindfors mastered that album.[7]

Expansion and collaborations[edit]

In October 2010, Cutting Room invested 2 million SEK (an equivalent of $300,500 at the time) in the expansion of their film department. This involved upgrading the film studios to follow the specifications made by DCI Digital Cinema Initiatives. At the same time Cutting Room created a partnership with the film lab at Stockholm Post Production AB utilizing their ability to scan film up 2K and 4K resolution for a Digital Cinema Package (DCP). They call this studio D-Cinema and offer complete digital cinema packages.[8]

Service list[edit]

Audio services[edit]

  • Mastering for CD, Vinyl & Web
  • Vinyl restoration
  • Recording studio rental

Digital cinema package[edit]

  • DCI Mastering for 2K and 4K
  • Stereoscopic 3D DCI Mastering
  • Video Restoration
  • 3D subtitling with depth adjustment
  • Handles any level of resolution (SD, HD, 2K, 4K)
  • Exports to multiple formats (DCI, BD, DVD, DVB, Web etc.)
  • Full support for KDM’s and encryption
  • Localized DCP’s with different pre-show content


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