Cuvo River

Coordinates: 10°51′44″S 13°47′50″E / 10.862222°S 13.797222°E / -10.862222; 13.797222
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Cuvo River
Binda Falls
Cuvo River is located in Angola
Cuvo River
Location in Angola
Physical characteristics
 • coordinates
10°51′44″S 13°47′50″E / 10.862222°S 13.797222°E / -10.862222; 13.797222

The Cuvo is a river in central Angola. The river mouth is at the Atlantic Ocean at Benguela Bay,[1] in Cuanza Sul Province. Cuvo is its name in its upper reaches; its lower course is called the Keve or Queve.[2] The river is navigable upstream to Binga Falls near Gabela.

Its main tributaries include the Cussoi River.

The river may be the southern extent of the range of the African manatee.[3] The river wetland floodplain and Kumbira Forest is part of an Important Bird Area with several rare species.[4]

The river mouth has a mangrove stand.[5]

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