Cuyahoga Formation

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Cuyahoga Formation
Stratigraphic range: Mississippian
Meadville Mbr Cuyahoga 042613.JPG
Meadville Shale Member of the Cuyahoga Formation exposed in Lodi, Ohio.
Unit ofWaverly Group
UnderliesLogan Formation
OverliesSunbury Shale
Region Ohio
Country United States

The Cuyahoga Formation is a geologic formation in Ohio. The age of the formation is difficult to determine, because of a lack of diagnostic fossils. Roughly, the formation dates from the Late Kinderhookian (354.8 to 350.8 million years ago) to the Middle Osagean (347.7 to 344.5 million years ago).[1] Eight members are recognized, among them the Orangeville Shale, Sharpsville Sandstone, and Meadville Shale.[2]

It preserves fossils dating to the Mississippian subperiod of the Carboniferous period.[3]

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