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Stable release
6.2.1 / December 29, 2020; 12 months ago (2020-12-29)
Operating systemWindows
TypeFile Synchronization
LicenseCommercial: rsync, Cygwin, OpenSSH and OpenSSL are free software, cwRsync Installer/Tools are proprietary[1]

cwRsync is an implementation of rsync for Windows. rsync uses a file transfer technology specified by the rsync algorithm, transferring only changed chunks of files over the network. cwRsync can be used for remote file backup and synchronization from/to Windows systems. cwRsync contains Cygwin DLLs and a compiled version of rsync on Cygwin. A client GUI is also provided as of the version 5.0.0.


The first version of cwRsync was developed to address requirements of an internal project at Color Line, and was published as a free solution on the mailing list for rsync users. cwRsync quickly became very popular[2][3] and is kept updated with newer versions of underlying solutions. The initial release was on March 11, 2003[citation needed]

As of August 2018 the free version of cwRsync Server is discontinued and the last free version 5.7.2 is no longer directly available from Itefix.[4] At this point only the commercial binary installers of version 5.7.2 can be obtained as paid downloads. cwRsync Client remains freely available under a BSD-style licence.[5]


cwRsync comes in two versions: cwRsync client and cwRsync server. You can use the cwRsync client to initiate rsync transfers from your host, while the cwRsync server makes your files/directories available for upload/download for rsync transfers. cwRsync client contains a Secure channel Wrapper to set up external secure ssh channels.

Rsync client GUI has following features:

  • Specify sources and destination (local, remote ssh and daemon modes)
  • Specify filters and a subset of options
  • Create rsync command according to your specification
  • Run rsync on the fly both in production and test mode
  • Create batch files for task scheduling
  • Save and load your favorite rsync settings as profiles
  • Language localization

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