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Cwenthryth (Old English: Cwēnþrȳð) was a princess of Mercia, an Anglo-Saxon kingdom in central England, who lived in the early 9th century.

She was the daughter of Coenwulf of Mercia and the sister of Saint Cenelm. After Coenwulf's death, his son was killed fighting the Welsh, possibly due to Cwenthryth's treachery.[1]

Cwenthryth was also the Abbess of Minster-in-Thanet who inherited property and authority from Coenwulf. Wulfred, Archbishop of Canterbury, challenged her for the authority over her abbey estates. She was ultimately compelled to resign.[2]

A fictionalised version of Cwenthryth, as Kwenthrith, appears in the second through fourth seasons of the History Channel quasi-historical drama Vikings, played by Amy Bailey.


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