Cwmcarn High School

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Coordinates: 51°38′20″N 3°07′59″W / 51.639°N 3.133°W / 51.639; -3.133

Cwmcarn High School is a school in the village of Cwmcarn, in South East Wales. The school (for school years 7-11) also has a sixth form where pupils can return to continue their education in a familiar environment.

There are currently short of 600 students attending CHS including the 6th form. This represents a considerable decrease in numbers since 2012. The school was closed for over a year over asbestos fears in 2012 which is why there has been such a fall in the school roll. Not only this but the school has made little progress over the last few years and is in the red category. Due to this and the ever falling school roll, it has been confirmed by Caerphilly County Borough Council that the school will close in 2018.

The recently appointed Executive Headteacher is to draw up plans with other senior leaders for the schools closure. The headteacher is also Executive head of Newbridge School, also in Caerphilly, and has been for many years.

Cwmcarn High serves an area of established housing within a former mining village, but it also draws from pupils further afield such as from the nearby city of Newport. Following the reorganisation of the schools status in September 1999, the school is now a foundation school. A sixth form was established in 1997 with 1700 students and now serves 150+.

Approximately 98% of the pupils come from local primary schools. The remainder come from schools beyond the immediate neighbourhood. Almost all of the pupils come from semi-rural areas similar to the village that serves the school.