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Cwmynyscoy is a suburb of Pontypool town in the district of the County Borough of Torfaen, south east Wales.

Cwmynyscoy Roundabout, Pontymoel, Pontypool - - 1578870.jpg


  • All figures quoted have been derived from the 2001 Census unless otherwise stated.

Demographic Indicators[edit]

Total population of 1283 (Torfaen 90,949)

48.6% Male, 51.4% Female (Torfaen - 48.4% Male, 51.6% Female)

Age Structure; 19.5% aged between 0-15, 36.6% aged between 16-44, 25.3% aged 45–59/64 and 18.6% of pensionable age.

Socio-Economic Indicators[edit]

Activity Rates (2001)[edit]

Male (16-74) economic activity rate 63.4% (Torfaen 67.8%, Wales 67.7%), female (16-74) economic activity rate 48.9% (Torfaen 54.2%, Wales 54.5%), total economic activity rate 56.1% (Torfaen 60.8%, Wales 61.0%)

Unemployment (2004)[edit]

Whilst unemployment in the area has declined significantly and only 24 people remain registered unemployed, 16 males and 8 females (June 2004). Of the 24 claimants, 10 are under 24 years of age and 5 are registered as long-term unemployed (unemployed for over 52 weeks).

Home Ownership (2001)[edit]

Cwmynyscoy has a lower proportion of owner occupied households at 64.9% than Torfaen 68.3% and Wales as a whole 71.3%. 28.4% of properties are rented from the local authority (Torfaen 22.8%, Wales 13.7%)

Car Ownership (2001)[edit]

32.7% of households in Cwmynyscoy do not own a car (Torfaen 27.2%, Wales 26.0%).

Education (2001)[edit]

Residents qualified to Level 4/5: 8.9% (Torfaen 13.6%, Wales 17.4%). (Level 4/5: First degree, Higher degree, NVQ levels 4 and 5, HNC, HND, Qualified Teacher Status, Qualified Medical Doctor, Qualified Dentist, Qualified Nurse, Midwife, Health Visitor)

Lone Parent Families (2001)[edit]

10.9% of households in Cwmynyscoy are occupied by lone parents (Torfaen 10.8%, Wales 10.6%).

Nature reserve[edit]

Cwmynyscoy Quarry is a local nature reserve, within a disused quarry, home to a number of species including noctule bats and barn owls.[1]


Coordinates: 51°41′28″N 3°02′13″W / 51.69123°N 3.03694°W / 51.69123; -3.03694