Cwmythig Hill

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Cwmythig Hill is a motocross circuit situated approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) from the town of Rhayader, Powys. As the name suggests, the circuit is predominantly a hillside circuit, with steep, natural hills mixed with man-made supercross inspired table-top jumps, along with a spectacular 'wall of death' banked hairpin turn.

Rhayader Midweek Motocross Series[edit]

The circuit is well known in the UK amongst motocross fans for staging the annual Rhayader Midweek Motocross series, where some of Britain's top motocross riders, along with both local experts and beginners, compete in a 3-round series.

The events are organised by the local Rhayader Motorcycle and Light Car Club and are staged across three Wednesday evenings during the long summer nights, (usually between late May and early July). The event was initially started in 1995, as a chance for local racers to have a midweek race, however since then the event has gained a large following.

Despite the series not being an official motocross championship, over 4,000 fans regularly turn up at events. The organisers are known to keep admission prices to a minimum, and despite there only being a few hours of racing, fans enjoy an action-packed race schedule with no down time between races, and the hilly nature of the circuit means that spectators can view the entire circuit from a single vantage point.

The theme of the races has remained the same since 1995, the event is seen a fun event, with both riders and spectators given the chance to enjoy a cheap evening's racing on the Welsh hillside.

Other events[edit]

In addition to the well known midweek motocross events, Cwmythig Hill also stages historical motocross races, along with trials and enduro events, including a round of the British Enduro Championship (BEC).

Coordinates: 52°19′34.06″N 3°29′26.01″W / 52.3261278°N 3.4905583°W / 52.3261278; -3.4905583