Cyathea glauca

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Cyathea glauca
Cyathea glauca 02.JPG
Cyathea glauca growing near the village of la Plaine des Palmistes, Réunion.
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Pteridophyta
Class: Pteridopsida
Order: Cyatheales
Family: Cyatheaceae
Genus: Cyathea
Subgenus: Cyathea
Section: Cyathea
Species: C. glauca
Binomial name
Cyathea glauca
Bory, 1804

Cyathea glauca is a species of tree fern endemic to Réunion. Little is known about this species.

C. glauca is not to be confused with Cyathea glauca (Fourn., 1872) used as a synonym of Cyathea mexicana.


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