Cyathea havilandii

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Cyathea havilandii
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Pteridophyta
Class: Pteridopsida
Order: Cyatheales
Family: Cyatheaceae
Genus: Cyathea
Subgenus: Cyathea
Section: Alsophila
Species: C. havilandii
Binomial name
Cyathea havilandii
Baker, 1894
  • Alsophila havilandii (Baker) Tryon, 1970
  • Cyathea paleacea Copeland, 1917
  • Cyathea rigida Copeland, 1917

Cyathea hancockii is a species of tree fern endemic to Kinabalu National Park in Borneo, where it grows in ridge forest at an altitude of 2400–3000 m. It is a rather small species, having an erect trunk about 50 cm tall or more. Fronds are narrow, erect and tripinnate. They are usually about 1 m in length. The stipe is dark and warty. It bears medium brown scales with fragile edges. Sori are borne on either side of the midvein of fertile pinnules and protected by firm, dark indusia.

The specific epithet havilandii commemorates George Darby Haviland (1857-1901), who collected numerous plants in Malaysia.