Cybele Palace

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Cybele Palace
Native name
Spanish: Palacio de Cibeles
Palacio de Comunicaciones - 47.jpg
Cybele Palace, with the fountain of the same name in the foreground
LocationMadrid, Spain
Coordinates40°25′08″N 3°41′32″W / 40.418906°N 3.692084°W / 40.418906; -3.692084Coordinates: 40°25′08″N 3°41′32″W / 40.418906°N 3.692084°W / 40.418906; -3.692084
Official name: Palacio de Comunicaciones
Reference no.RI-51-0008214
Cybele Palace is located in Madrid
Cybele Palace
Location of Cybele Palace in Madrid

The Cybele Palace (Palacio de Cibeles), formerly the Palace of Communication (Spanish: Palacio de Comunicaciones) until 2011, is a palace located on the Cybele Plaza in Madrid, Spain. Named after Cybele, who gives name to the plaza where it's located, is currently the seat of the City Council, it opened in 1919 as the headquarters of Correos, the Spanish postal and telecommunications service. It was designed by Antonio Palacios and Joaquín Otamendi. It hosts also a public cultural centre called Centro Centro.


Like the eighteenth century fountain in front of it, the palace has become an emblematic monument of the city.[1][2] However, since 2007 it no longer serves its original function. There is a post office in part of the building, but Correos headquarters has moved to Campo de las Naciones and the Postal and Telegraphic Museum to Aravaca.[3] Now it is the seat of the Madrid City Council. The mail sorting office has been converted to serve as the council chamber.

Conservation status and access[edit]

Palacios is seen as a modernist architect, but his work is also of interest for its historical references, for example to the work of Rodrigo Gil de Hontañón. As the Palacio de Comunicaciones, the building was given a heritage listing (Bien de Interés Cultural) in 1993.[citation needed]


As well as the city hall, the building houses a cultural centre called CentroCentro.[4]

The central tower has a viewing point (mirador), a terrace from which visitors can view the city.[5]


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