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The Cybele asteroids are in the outer main belt (shown in white), but inside of the Hilda family (brown).

Cybele asteroids are a group of asteroids in the outer asteroid belt with a semi-major axis between 3.27 AU and 3.7 AU, an eccentricity less than 0.3, and an inclination less than 25°. The group is named for the asteroid 65 Cybele.[1] As of 2010, the group is thought to have formed from the breakup of a larger object in the distant past.[1]

Some of the largest Cybele asteroids are 87 Sylvia, 65 Cybele (the group's namesake),[1] 107 Camilla, 121 Hermione, 76 Freia, 790 Pretoria, and 566 Stereoskopia. Some of the group also have asteroid moons, such as 121 Hermione.[1]

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