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CyberStrike is a futuristic 3D combat online game by Simutronics Corporation, involving team combat between customizable mechs, each of which is controlled by a different player.

Initially exclusive to the GEnie online service, it opened in February 1993, and later that year it caused Computer Gaming World magazine to create the new category of "Online Game of the Year" so it could be awarded to CyberStrike.[1] In 1994 it was offered in stores by MicroProse.

In 1997, a new version of the game, CyberStrike 2 was announced as a joint project between Simutronics and Sony's 989 Studios. A single-player mission-based version was released in stores, and a multiplayer version opened on GEnie in December 1998. It was also released on America Online, and then via the Simutronics website. After CyberStrike 2 opened, the original version of the game was renamed as CyberStrike Classic.


Computer Gaming World in 1993 praised the simple user interface and "amazing" graphics, including the weather. The reviewer reported that he played 12 hours before stopping at $6 an hour, concluding that "CyberStrike is addictive, action-filled and downright fun. The violence is bloodless ... but the challenge is exhilarating".[2] That year the magazine named CyberStrike the On-Line Game of the Year.[1]


CyberStrike Designer: David Whatley

Product Managers: Elonka Dunin, Malcolm Griffiths, Mike Belleau

Programming: David Whatley, Mark Vicuna, Nick Mincoff, Tom Tayon, Mike Dabbs

Graphics: David Whatley, John W. Ratcliff

Sound: David Whatley, John W. Ratcliff

Documentation: Elonka Dunin

Package Editor: Jonathan Caspian‑Kaufman

Package design and Layout: Cesar Novoa, Joseph Morel

Additional Support: Neil Harris, John Donham, Ryan Dickey

Live Team: Rick Slayter, John Smedley, Mike Anderson


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