Cyber Org

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Developer(s) FuzzBox
Publisher(s) Square Co., Ltd.
Platform(s) PlayStation
  • JP: April 22, 1999
  • EU: January 12, 2002
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single-player

Cyber Org (サイバーオーグ SAIBAOGU?) is an action video game developed by FuzzBox and published by Square and released in 1999 for the PlayStation.

A majority of the game, such as the text and voice acting, is in English.


Classified as a Space Opera, a new type of action game, Cyber Org is set in a futuristic world, with three different playable characters and multiple areas to explore. Each area has puzzles and fight sequences rendered in polygonal 3D. The gameplay is easy to understand even for beginners, utilizing a single button combined with a secondary button for combo attacks.


Cyber Org Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by Yoshihiro Sato
Released April 21, 1999
Genre Video game music
Label DigiCube
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Chudah's Corner (A) [1]
Square Enix Music Online (9/10) [2]

The music of Cyber Org was composed by Yoshihiro Sato.


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