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DVD Cover - Entire Series
Science fiction
Magical girl
Created byJonathan M. Shiff
StarringAnia Stepien
Craig Horner
Jovita Shaw
Septimus Caton
Ric Anderson
Jennifer Congram
Mark Owen-Taylor
Christine Amor
Lisa Origliasso
Jessica Origliasso
Country of originAustralia
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes26
Executive producer(s)Jonathan M. Shiff
Kay Ben M'Rad
Running timeapprox. 21 minutes
Production company(s)Jonathan M. Shiff Productions
France Animation
DistributorZDF Enterprises
Original networkNetwork Ten
Original release21 July 2001 –
11 January 2002

Cybergirl is an Australian children's television series that first screened on Network Ten in Australia. The 26 episode series was created by Jonathan M. Shiff, whose previous series include the BAFTA-award-winning Ocean Girl. Cybergirl has also screened on ABC on 6:00am, Thursday and on other networks outside Australia. In 2007 it aired as Cy-An 6000 on the Kabillion on-demand network but no reason is given for the name change.


Cybergirl is a Blue superheroine Human Prototype 6000 living under the secret identity of ordinary teenage girl Ashley Campbell. In reality, she is a "Human Prototype 6000" from a distant planet.

Her powers include super-human strength, super-human speed, and the ability to interface directly with electronic devices and computers; she is also able to physically change her appearance between that of the blue-haired, ethereal-looking Cybergirl and the less conspicuous, mousy-haired Ashley, and can alter her clothing at will.

She was originally known as the Cyber Replicant Human Prototype 6000, the only one of her model to be built. Not only are her powers far and above that of earlier models, she has a much wider emotional scope than her predecessors. She ran away from her planet of origin in order to explore the beings she was modeled after, namely humans.

Two other Evil Red Replicants called Isaac and Xanda are sent after her and their sole mission is to destroy her. She lands on Earth in the fictional city of River City, Australia which is modeled on and filmed in Brisbane. She meets Jackson and Hugh Campbell, who take her in, and she adopts the name Cybergirl as her superheroine identity. Jackson calls her "Cy" and she later uses her powers to make herself look more human; this identity is called Ashley, in which she poses as Jackson's cousin and Hugh's niece. The only other person besides Hugh and Jackson to know her identity is Kat, her friend and neighbour.

She is pursued not only by Xanda and Isaac but also by a powerful software mogul named Rhyss. She is well loved by the populace of River City, however, and she enjoys the approval of Mayor Buxton, whose twin daughters Emerald and Sapphire are big fans of the superheroine. Ironically they snub her, as Ashley, at school.


DVD release[edit]

Cybergirl was released on DVD on 4 December 2006 as "CyberGirl: The superhero for a new generation - The Complete Series." The set includes all 26 episodes on 4 DVDs and is Region 0. The release includes making of/behind-the-scenes featurettes created from a period Electronic Press Kit and the packaging makes frequent references to the fact that the series features "before they were famous" appearances by The Veronicas.

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