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Cyberia is an annual national level technical fest of Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering (SJCE). It is organized by the IEEE student branch of SJCE which comes under the Bangalore section under region 11. CYBERIA was instigated 18 years ago and till now it has been organized for 16 years. The fest is held in the even semester of the VTU academic calendar, generally in the month of March.

Events: An overview[edit]

The events in the fest are so organized as to give students from all branches of engineering, mainly focusing on the IEEE fields like Computer Science, Electrical sciences and Bio-Technology.

  • Papyrus: It is a Student Technical Paper Presentation Contest.
  • Amaze: It is a maze solving Robotics Contest.
  • EmbedMe: It is Embedded systems designing contest using 8051 Micro controller.
  • ExQuizite: It is a General Quiz contest.
  • Pragmata: It is a Management game.
  • Night Out: It is an online all night contest.
  • El-dorado: It is a technical virtual treasure hunt.
  • E-Bazaar: It is a product building contest for real life needs combining with managerial skills to sell the product.
  • Many workshops, Panel discussions also form a part of the fest.

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