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Cyberoam Academy is collaboration between industry and educational institutions to prepare next-generation network security professionals for careers in the real world.[1] Cyberoam states that there's a gap between theoretical and practical knowledge, that the industry hasn't done a good job addressing, in early career security professionals.[2] As security threats continue to grow in numbers, the number of cyber protectors in the workforce must grow as well.[3] The primary objective of Cyberoam Academy is to offer educational institutions a vendor-neutral network security course that matches industry needs, and makes it possible for students to open up doors from the classroom to the workplace.[4] Cyberoam Academy programs offer certified product-training curriculum to customers, students, and security / IT professionals. It is a partnership that allows a training academy to include training as well as certification programs with a full value-added service offering.[5]

Certification Programs Offered[edit]

Cyberoam Academy offers three levels of certification programs namely CCNSP (Cyberoam Certified Network & Security Professional), CCNSE (Cyberoam Certified Network & Security Expert) and CCT (Cyberoam Certified Trainer).[6] CCNSP and CCNSE offer certified professional’s expertise for skills in identity-based networking and security.

Cyberoam Academy is open to final year students in any graduation discipline and prepares aspiring candidates for a wide range of roles and career opportunities.[7] The programs are designed for professional training institutions, FE colleges, universities and independent training organizations that want to include Cyberoam security training and certification programs in their existing as well as separate Course catalogue.[8]


CCNSP - It is the first step certification for Cyberoam security professionals.[9] The primary objective of the CCNSP course is to enable IT technicians to understand network security, how the Cyberoam appliances work and get practical experience that post training will enable the technicians to implement the appliance for customers seamlessly.[10]


CCNSE- It is an advanced qualification for CCNSP-certified professionals to demonstrate their expertise in complex Cyberoam security deployments for the enterprise segment, learn about advanced debugging and troubleshooting issues and deepen their understanding of Cyberoam UTM’s identity-based architecture, on top of what they learnt in CCNSP.[11]


CCT- It is for those who have collective learning exposure of CCNSP and CCNSE certifications and exceptional knowledge of Cyberoam products and its identity-based network security technology.

Delivery Model[edit]

Cyberoam believes in training its students using a ‘hands-on’ approach. The institute staff will deliver content that is created by Cyberoam via the Moodle interface, in an engaging and easy to understand manner. These activities will help students prepare for industry certifications, entry-level and advanced careers, and higher education in Networking and Security Courses.[12]


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